KingCamp Brand Introduction In 2004, KingCamp brand completed global registration. It provides fashion and innovative technology for customers who enjoy outdoor life such as travel vacation, weekend leisure, city walks and so on. Insisting on function and fashion creativity, KingCamp has set up design centers in well-known fashion capitals, Italy, Germany, and Spain, and signed many representative designers in the global outdoor field.

Creating a revolutionary outdoor life experience, inspiring the power of nature, and enjoying the happiness of human interaction is KingCamp’s goal.

KingCamp Brand Story

1993, the 24-year-old Shu Guoking embarked on a pilgrimage through the ancient trade route, the Silk Road. Trekking from China to Europe on foot with nothing but a backpack, a walking stick and the clothes on his back, what started as a young man’s dream to see the ancient route that linked China with the rest of the world, became an entrepreneur’s prologue. The young Shu Guoking was in the middle of scaling the Pamir when fate came knocking. It was a particularly gruesome day of hiking and just as Shu came to the summit, he realized what he was actually chasing. The solo climb was exhilarating but left his heart empty. It was then he realized what was missing.

It was said that the ultimate goal in life is to find the person who would bear witness to what passes.

Alone on that mountain top, Shu realized what was truly missing. His loved ones.


KingCamp was conceptualized on that fateful day on that mountain top. To allow connection to be made and shared in nature. Shu wanted to create a camping brand that focuses on the experience of being with our loved ones outdoors.


He since returned to his native home to begin the process of building a company that would make accessing the great outdoors easy and affordable for all without compromising quality or performance.


Finally after years of planning, in 2002, the KingCamp brand was born and has since become the leading manufacturer of outdoor camping gear with a widespread distribution channel covering more than 46 countries worldwide and is still rapidly expanding.


KingCamp Brand Mission

KingCamp’s mission is to help people live in harmony with nature and actively pursue Aristotle's ultimate goal, Eudaimonia. To KingCamp, the great outdoors is not a solo adventure but a life with your family, your loved ones and your friends, hence its slogan:

Learn to LOVE outdoors.

Connecting family, friends, lovers one gear at a time.


KingCamp focuses on the actual relationships between loved ones, creating products that allow you to focus your energy on human interaction instead of the gear.


KingCamp is for those who want to get close to nature without feeling like an episode of Survivor.


KingCamp Honor


KingCamp Complete brand registration in China.



KingCamp became the only designated outdoor equipment brand of "My Long March".



Become the designated equipment for the National Camping Conference;

Won the "Top Ten Sports Goods Dealer Retail Management Award of the Year";

Won the 2010 Forbes China Potential Enterprise List´╝Ť

Won the title of "2010's most popular outdoor brand for business travel elites".



Co-sponsored the Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum and invited former UN Secretary-General Annan and former Directors of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Carlos, Yang Lan and Long Yongtu to participate;

Won the "Brand Contribution List Influencing China's 2015 Quality and Credit Brand" Award;

Shu Guoking, the founder of KingCamp brand, won the title of "Brand Contribution List

Influencing China's 2015 Brand Innovations".



Co-organized the "challenge 8 hours" large-scale public welfare walk

Helping New Oriental's "Believe the Future" large-scale public welfare tour;

Mr. Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, dressed in KingCamp clothing Body tour site, participated in the compilation of schoolchildren's camping manual;

Won the "Outdoor China Outstanding Brand" Award, winning 9 consecutive years.




Won the "ADI COMPASSO D’ORO International Award 2017", the first and only award-winning work in China.


Co-organizer the barrier-free integration charity marathon (Beijing Railway Station);

Won the German ISPO Gold Award;

Best-selling in 46 countries around the world.



Won an award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019;

Won 2019 Asia Pacific Outdoor Innovation Awards;

Became one outdoor gear partner of Tesla.


KingCamp Brand Founder

Shu Guoking, 25 years in the outdoor recreation industry, with the heart of a lion and vision of an eagle., founder of KingCamp brand, chairman of KINGCAMP OUTDOOR PRODUCTS CO., took the lead in establishing a new positioning of “family outdoor” in the outdoor industry, and introduced the outdoor lifestyle of “comfort, relaxation, sharing and environmental protection” to the domestic market.

KingCamp Products

In China's outdoor and camping industry most Chinese brand companies who succeed in the domestic market have not successfully promoted their brands to the international market, and most of the Chinese companies who succeed in the international market are mainly doing OEM/ODM business. KingCamp is the only company in China to successfully do both.

The long-term resources are precipitated as blessings to build core competitiveness, and the products designed and developed have strong market adaptability.


KingCamp is an active advocate for the family-oriented outdoor lifestyle, it has 4 product system-equipment, which are Living System, Kitchen& Cooking System, Dining System, Leisure system.

The four systems can make sure you: 

Enjoy high-quality sleep comfort through the night;

As convenient as cooking at home;

Serve your meal in comfort with our full dining line;

After hiking or trekking, you can relax with the leisure system.

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