Fall brings cooler weather and gorgeous scenery, which are very suitable for camping. But there is good, there is bad, like two sides of a coin. Cold and wet are the two enemies we need to fight in fall camping. Don't worry! We will introduce a little extra preparation to make sure you can have plenty more star-filled nights well into the fall season.


Check the weather forecast ahead

Develop a good habit of checking campsite weather in advance. If the weather forecast is rainy and you insist on camping, be prepared in advance.


3-season tent

Take at least a 3-season tent that designed for use in spring, summer, and fall, which are good at rainproof, windproof, light hail proof and some cold weather.


l Fully-covered vestibule for gear storage, dry entry and added wind protection near the door;

l Wide mud flap reinforced by straps for highly wind-resistant and inner warmth;

l Free-standing pole system of cross aluminum poles design with weatherproof shock cord.


Extra Tips:

l Pitch tent on a plastic sheet to keep it clean and dry;

l Settle a shelter over the tent to avoid the wind and rain;

l Settle up your tent in where will block those breezes.


Sleeping Bag

You need sleeping bags which have a suitable temperature. Although down is considered the best insulator out there, its insulation properties can be damaged by moisture. So take a synthetic sleeping bag when camping somewhere wet.


l Mummy-shaped, which can wrap the body well and avoid heat loss;

l With a hood that can avoid dissipating heat from the head. Cinch yourself in the sleeping bag when sleeping, covering all but your nose and mouth, this creates a seal and keeps body heat in;

l With water repellent shell and material filled to keep you dry.


Extra Tips:

Remember that men's and women's feeling of the temperature is different, the same bag might be comfortable for men but chilly for women, so girls should choose a bag more below what you need, or choose a women’s specific bag.


Sleeping Pad

Which is the most important thing you can do to stay warm at night? Invest a good sleeping pad.

A closed-cell foam pad or a self-inflating foam pad is perfect because the foam in their structure provides very much in the way of insulating you from the cold ground. And, it's comfortable.

Extra Tips:

Get another foam pad to achieve a foolproof warm goal.


About Clothes

How to dress for fall camping´╝čRemember Layer up wicking thermal underwear + a layer for warmth + a windproof & breathable outer layer. Bring an insulated cup so you can sip on a hot beverage throughout the day.

l Underwear layers that moisture-wicking; 

l Layer for warmth, choose fleece, wool or other synthetic material;

l Wind and water-resistant outer layer;

l Waterproof boots.


Extra Tips:

l Cap, gloves;

l Extra shoes, dry socks, changes of clothing; 

l Rain poncho and rain pants.

l A pair of down-filled booties that can be worn in your tent or sleeping bag.


About Food

Fall camping is a very convincing reason to permit yourself to eat high energy food. Loads of carbs and fats are useful; fish, nuts, and avocados are also helpful too.


Extra Tips:

Remember to use the bathroom to empty your bladder before sleeping, haha!


Be ready to enjoy the gorgeous fall scenery, immerse in the fall foliage-filled days and star-filled nights? Let' go!