Outdoor brand KingCamp’s new multipurpose sit & go stool, has won the 2019 Design Innovation in the Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award. From among hundreds of submissions from all over the areas, the jury awarded the prize to KingCamp, because of it's functionalinnovative and humanize design, the jury’s report stated. The multipurpose sit & go stool is functional, innovative, light-weight, stylish, comfortable, practical, and can be used both in outdoor and urban.

Excellent innovation representative brand

The 2019 Asia-Pacific Outdoor Innovation Award provides a stage for innovative works aimed at mining and demonstrating outstanding innovation representative with industry representation and benchmarking. The Asia Pacific Outdoor Innovation Awards are the first to feature the "Classic Design Award", "Design Innovation Award" and "Functional Trend Award", aiming to discover more humane, more personalized and functional outdoor equipment for more and more outdoor groups.

Global visibility

Founded in 2002, KingCamp is now the leading manufacturer for outdoor camping gear with 18 years of experience and distributors from 46 nations across the globe including camp-heavy countries like the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

KingCamp’s mission is to help people live in harmony with nature and actively pursue the Aristotle's ultimate goal, Eudamonia. To KingCamp, the great outdoors is not a solo adventure but a life with your family, your loved ones and your friends.


KingCamps new multipurpose sit & go stool

Self-weight 0.52KG, maximum load-bearing 80KG, high-strength aviation aluminum bracket, ultra-light portable, easy to put into the backpack or trunk; one press telescopic opening and closing structure, 5 seconds speed open and fast, easy to use, 6-speed adjustable Different heights for multi-scenario multi-purpose use, such as hiking, parks, concerts, camping, travel and other outdoor activities, can also be used as a stand-up office chair, while also fixing the camera or phone clip, doing a camera stand or self-timer Rod use.