The Wild color is turning from green to yellow, meaning that fall is right around the corner. To our family, fall is the perfect time for a picnic—days are cooler, but still warm enough for staying in nature for a long time. Not to mention get away from the scary summer vacation crowd, so you’re more likely to enjoy a quiet reunion moment, even in very popular spots.

To help you get a nice picnic time, we’ve put together 5 picnic gears for making your fall picnic a success.


Here are some of the best gears for fall picnic 2019.


1.  Picnic Blanket

Lying on a soft blanket is a great way to enjoying some gorgeous fall scenery. This picnic is great for fitting family or friends with extra room for food, drinks, and more to accompany your picnic accessories. Perfect for any outdoor social gathering or picnic party. With it, you can have many fall foliage-filled days and star-filled nights.

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2.  Sleeping Bag

Fall picnic was made for hot coffee, warm blankets & orange sunset. Too cold, you say? You can choose this Camping Sleeping Bag, which is not only a comfort blanket but also a cozy shawl. You can wrap around yourself while reading or just sitting around.


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3.  Hammock

How to protect the trees when using hammock? Try this and your family can enjoy it fully without hanging it between the two trees. This KingCamp Ultralight Folded Hammock Stand receives the distinction for high design quality in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019.


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4.  Ultralight stable table

A blanket or even tree stumps or large wood slices could be your table for your delicious food, but an ultra-light table can make your picnic party more convenient. The table adds a sandblasting process to the aluminum top. It is not prone to scratches. The surface of the foldable camp side table is also waterproof, weather-resist, and easy to wipe clean.

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5.  Ultra-light Chair

Weighs only 3.7 lbs, while supports up to 265 lbs (120 kg). Triangular high strength aluminum tubes bracket structure and metal material contact point make this folding chair very stable.

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Then, of course, lots of tasty picnic food that everyone could get enough of. Nature puts on a vivid color coat for us each fall, so why not go outdoors to fill our eyes and stomach at the same time?