On December 5, 2017, Compasso d′Oro International Award Ceremony was held in China Industrial Design Institute, Hangzhou. Xu Guoqing, the founder of KingCamp, attended the ceremony. CAMPING ULTRALIGHT BED (No.: KC3986) researched, developed and designed under his leadership, became China’s first one to win 2017 Compasso d′Oro International Award. Luciano Galimberti, president of Associazione per il Disegno Industriale and members of the judging panel, Jacopo Giliberto, Umberto Zapelloni, Makio Hasuike, Edgardo Angelini, and reporters from all over the world witnessed this great moment in the history of outdoor fields.


Compasso d′Oro, founded in 1954, is the earliest and most influential design prize in the world and is recognized as the Nobel Prize of industrial design. Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali made an announcement that the historical, special and valuable winner works of Compasso d′Oro shall be national heritages. In 2015, Compasso d′Oro set up an international award for excellent designs in the world. That was undoubtedly an unprecedented opportunity and also challenge for Chinese industrial designers. But unfortunately, there has been no Chinese winner to that award. KingCamp, however, broke the situation in December 2017.


2017 Compasso d′Oro International Award was themed sports: performance and innovation, which rewarded extraordinary industrial design products and services in research, innovation, technology and social responsibility. The award highly recognized designs that focus on and improve sports tools, devices, garment technology, services and physical exercises, related visual dissemination, and innovations of functions, language and information in the field of sports.


According to serviceability, innovation, moral and emotional exchanges and sustainability, the judging panel selected 300 candidates from all over the world and 15 for honor prizes. After strict examination, 10 won Compasso d′Oro International Award. KingCamp CAMPING ULTRALIGHT BED (No.: KC3986), China’s first and only one winner, and other 9 works from across the world won this Nobel Prize of industrial design

KingCamp CAMPING ULTRALIGHT BED (No.:3986), the winner of 2017 Compasso d′Oro International Award, was highly praised by the judging panel for its focus on the environment, interaction, the public, societal values, people-oriented design concept and serviceability. It can provide easy and convenient services for camping families. KingCamp CAMPING ULTRALIGHT BED (No.:3986) as the winner of 2017 Compasso d′Oro International Award will be recorded into ADI’s list and will be displayed on ADI’s website and through other online and offline channels and multimedia publicity activities.

KingCamp is the sponsor of outdoor lifestyle for families over the world and a solution system provider of outdoor products. It tries hard to create quality products close to outdoor life with fashion features. It grew fast to be a multi-element management brand integrating brand management, product design, R&D, retail construction and logistics management. Its distribution network covers 45 countries or districts in the world including UK, US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Spanish. KingCamp will always focus on design optimization and function improvement and will invest great resources in R&D. It has won the global design prize of ISPO AWARD and obtained 36 patents including air circulation system and intelligent supply system. With unremitting efforts, KingCamp will commit itself to providing you with fashion, functional and classic products.