Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, the world’s top outdoor goods exhibition was launched in Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, US on January 10, 2017. KingCamp, an outdoor brand popular with 45 countries, showed off on the exhibition, where it earned high praises from outdoor sports amateurs from all over the world with its innovative techs, fashion and novel products and fresh ideas and designs. It even got followed up and reported by AOTV.

Outdoor Retailer Market was the world’s biggest outdoor goods exhibition. Many top outdoor brands showed their representative products on the exhibition. KingCamp also showed its outdoor gear mixing designer’s ideas and attracted AOTV’s reporters.

Mr. Xu Guoqing, the founder of KingCamp, introduced to an AOTV reporter its novel multi-functional BBQ table, which was designed for outdoor picnic, easy to set up, very light and easy to carry.

KingCamp’s ultralight bed dedicated for outdoor leisure attracted the reporter. KingCamp ultralight bed is easy to set up, portable and reliable, making you comfortable sleeping on it.

The AOTV reporter was experiencing the ultralight comfort of the KingCamp bed on the exhibition

Except for the above two ultralight products, KingCamp’s ultralight rotatory chair was also popular with outdoor sports people on the exhibition. The AOTV reporter will follow up and report it.

A participant from abroad was showing how to set up  the KingCamp ultralight chair.

KingCamp is not only a brand but also a healthy and advanced lifestyle that guides people to enjoy the outdoor nature.


Now KingCamp’s products, with their unique designs and professional quality, are popular with 45 countries in the world and its quality services and advanced brand concept attract distributors from all over the world.

The KingCamp ultralight folded chair can rotate 360°. It is easy to mount and the sitting surface designed for human shape. Its lateral shape was designed to fit human waist. When you sit on it, the cloth can fully fit your body and make you very comfortable. It deserves to be among your articles for outdoor sports, daily life or leisure, camping, fishing, picnic and BBQ.

KingCamp’s outdoor items showed on this exhibition were ultralight, which were designed to reduce people’s burden. People hope the articles they carry are light and convenient, so outdoor gear nowadays is developed to be ultralight and very small. KingCamp’s ultralight series is leading this trend.