Most people always think carefulness when buying a house, but when purchasing another "house," it seems too careless!

In the camping activities, the tent acts as a house, sheltering campers in outdoors, but for most campers, especially the green hand campers, they are usually too casual while selecting a tent.

Mr.Joseph Who Chose Tent Careless.

In May, Mr.Joseph with his family went camping in a campsite in Florida, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. "It’s all the trouble of the tent!" Mr. Joseph said with angry. " I bought it when I saw it because of its beautiful outlook. But it was too small to live with a family. It is extremely uncomfortable when we get crowded in that small space. Besides, the tent was very thin with an only single layer, and it gets wet after a night stay, that was a terrible memory we want to forget” Mr. Joseph explained.

It would be a pleasant experience but destroyed by a tent. Obviously, choose a tent should be like picking a house.

The Key Points You Need To Know

If Mr. Joseph had known more knowledge about tent selection, he would have a wonderful experience with family. So what kind of expertise should we learn? Here is some useful advice from KingCamp – the leading global brand in the outdoors industry.

1.    Selecting the Tent Size.

The number of people mainly determines the size. The tent's tag will indicate the folding and unfolding size and capacity. 

Do not forget to reserve some room for other items, such as clothes, backpacks, etc., Usually, two adults need space of 4 beds, and children should have their own space.

However, it does not mean the bigger the size the better, because the size always relating to weight — the bigger, the heavier. If you are a backpacker, the light-weight Tent is better. If you are going camping by driving with your families, the large tent must be a good choice, with no doubt, it providing enough big space for almost activities like a villa. 

2.    Selecting Tent Material

The material of the tent is equally essential. The most popular tent material is polyester. The features of lightweight, durable, non-shrinking, non-absorbent, and UV resistance makes it become an ideal tent material. Is your tent made of polyester?

The aluminum alloy pole can provide strong support for the tent and can works in cold weather, so it is an ideal pole selection; the ground nails are mostly metal nails, such as aluminum alloy nails or iron nails, both different in hardness and weight, you can choose according to your needs.

3.    Selecting Tent Type

Compared with single-layer tents, the double-layer tents has better performance in waterproof and breathable functions as its external layer is waterproof (marked on the tag, the higher the value, the better). The internal layer is breathable, helps to exhale gas out of the tent.

Finally, if you can, find an expert or ask a salesperson to help you set up the selected tent, and give it a try, this will provide you with a better understanding of the design and function of the tent.

In a word, a suitable tent can make your outdoor life better!

KingCamp Services for Tent

KingCamp manufactures nearly four thousands products of four series in camping, hiking, travel, and leisure, which has sold to 38 countries. The tent is one of the KingCamp most competitive products. KingCamp divides tents into mountaineering tents, hiking tents (including lightweight hiking and weight hiking), self-driving tents (including 4, 5, and 6 people tents), and leisure tents (including beach tents, fishing tents, changing tents, and skylights). , parasols, etc.), customers can choose the right tent according to their needs, even for the consumers who are the first time experience camping, they can always select a satisfied product.