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KingCamp Trekking Pole AIR QUICK 100% Carbon Fiber Hiking Walking Trail KA4665

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A walking stick is an essential tool for outdoor hiking, especially for long distances and rugged terrain. It can help save 1/3 of your body strength and when used correctly can reduce 22% of the pressure that wears on your legs and knees. When climbing, the walking sticks can help you walk quickly, alleviate the pressure on your body, and make it safer for you. Using a walking stick while walking through a river can help you keep balanced and make the walking easier. When caught in the rain you can even use your trekking poles to help create a shelter. This trekking pole is made of 100% carbon fiber which is light to carry; shock-absorbing of the carbon itself can reduce the danger of sufferings joint strain and lightweight enough to use for long time. Carbon fiber material is also corrosion resistant. The handle is made of EVA. Three-section folding adjustable design is easy to lock and open with quick-lock. It is easily adjustable with the external flip-lock mechanism and can be shorted from 135 cm / 53 inches to 64 cm / 25 inches. The full EVA handle is designed according human body engineering; it is beautiful, scientific and more comfortable. It has a wrist strap that can easily be tightened or loosened around your wrist for safety if you drop the pole for some reason. The wrist strap can effectively allocate the power from the body to the stick to protect your wrist and body.

More Information
100% Carbon + EVA handle +Tungsten Steel tip
Maximum Length (in.)
135 cm / 53 inches
Minimum Length (in.)
64 cm / 25 inches
Best Use
Weight (lbs)
0 - 0.49
206.5 g / 0.46 lbs
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