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KingCamp Camping Lantern Flashlight Multifunction Rechargeable KA1306

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KingCamp Multifunction Rechargeable Camping Lantern / Flashlight with Handles is good for running, walking, fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, reading, caving, adventures, festivals, auto repair and emergency kit. Charge its inside battery, hold the unit and crank the handle by the other hand at the speed of 3 circles per second to charge its inside battery (Charge indicator will glow); charged by external power source, plug in the 5V external power or connect computer via mini USB port to charge the product, the red indicator will glow while charging. Hold and press the cylinder-shaped button on handle side and rotate the handle vertically. Then release the button fixed. You can cranking for power to charge smart phone or digital products with the USB port for emergency use. DC IN by outer source. Hanging handle can help you hang the camping lantern on the tree or other place. The rotating handle can be adjusted, and through this handle the camping lantern can be used as a flashlight.

More Information
9.7 × 18.6 cm / 3.8 × 7.32 inches
built-in lithium battery 3.7V 300 mAh
High brightness 3 LEDs for flashlight+ 10 LEDs straw-hat + 5 LEDs red flash for camping lantern
Light Color
Lighting Mode
Spotlight +Lantern+Red Flash+off
Best Use
Weight (lbs)
0.5 - 0.99
424 g / 0.93 lbs
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