Father's Day is approaching, and have you got some good ideas to celebrate the meaningful day and appreciated your father? There are series of ways to celebrate your dad on Father's Day. Taking or sending cards and gifts to fathers is a great way to celebrate Dad, especially some kid-made gifts; taking fathers out for a meal is also a common celebration way.

But for an outdoors dad, there are many other different celebrate ideas to make dad feel extra-special. This may be a simple walk in the countryside or a family camping day. In this post, we will share some father’s day ideas for outdoor dads. No matter which ways you choose to celebrate Father' day, the truth is - quality time is the best gift you can give your dad!


Outings and home activities can encourage family bonding time.  It's an easy way to impress dad on his special day, and the whole family can enjoy some quality time together.


For outdoorsy dad, family camping is a great way experience to make their special day stand out. There are many ideas for a Father's day camping trip, like RV camping, car camping, cabin camping backcountry camping, or yard camping...you can choose one and make a Father's Day memorable for your outdoors dad.


If your dad is always out riding bikes, held a family cycling trip is a great idea. Whether heading to National Park or hitting up your local biking trails, your dad and other family members can get a great outdoors time.


Go for a hike. If your father likes hiking, this upcoming Father's Day offers a chance to give him a surprise. You can hold a perfect national park trip for you and Dad. Dad will love walking with you along a trail with unmatched scenery.


It's a perfect idea to celebrate Father’s Day with a picnic at the beach. No need to pack too much gear: some sandwiches, ice beer, a blanket, and then head out to your favorite spot at the beach! He'll definitely enjoy the trip on the beach soaking up those rays.


An outdoor barbecue is a traditional way to celebrate Father’s Day. There is no better way than a delicious meal prepared on the grill to surprise the day, especially when your dad is a barbecue fan.


Father’s Day is a perfect fishing time you can spend with your father. Whether head out to a nearby lake or pond, or rent a boat for the day, your dad will enjoy fully this memorable time.


If you’ve got surfer fathers in your life, it must be a great idea to hold a surf trip on father's day. He will be very happy to spend Father's day by surfing the waves.

No matter which activity you choose, remember that quality time is the best gift you can give your dad!