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Best chair ever!!

Hi Summer,
We appreciate your feedback! We're always striving to make the best chairs possible. Enjoy making memories with your new chair. 🙌

KingCamp Team

Overall decent mattress

Very satisfied with the product but, get an inflator

Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your satisfaction with our mattress. We're pleased to hear that you are happy with the product. We appreciate your suggestion about getting an inflator. An inflator can indeed enhance the convenience and comfort of using the mattress, and we will certainly take your recommendation into consideration for future improvements.

KingCamp Team

Quality Mattress, but Customer Service Not Responsive

Thus far the mattress has been quite comfortable, but I think it would benefit from an Inflator to bring the mattress to the thickness advertised, and a Deflator to help flatten it so that it fits easily back into its stuff sack.

Despite repeated attempts to contact Customer Service, however, I have not yet succeeded in finding out which, if any, of the Inflator/Deflators sold by King Camp are suitable for the mattress that I purchased.

Dear Brain,

Thank you for your feedback and for choosing our mattress. We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with our customer service. We want to assure you that our self-charging mats are compatible with all air pumps on the market, so there are no special requirements.

If you prefer, you can also choose our KingCamp Thor Electric Pump, which is designed to work seamlessly with our products: KingCamp Thor Electric Pump

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out again.

KingCamp Team

Privacy room

Always easier with two persons for setting up and breaking down. One person can do it, but might take valuable time.
I just camped in Hanna flatgrounds San Bernardino CA. I used the privacy tent for showers. I suggest finding the best level ground for placement. Especially if you are going to use it as portapotty. I did feel the one grass mound, but the material was good enough with out tarp beneath.
Since I used it as a shower tent. There was water/moisture. on the bottom. I used paper towels to wipe what I could during the packing to go process. I always struggle to get all the support poles inside the original bag.
Overvall, I can recommend this product.

Hi Curtis,
Thank you for taking the time to review your KingCamp Privacy Shower Tent! We appreciate your insights and feedback on both the product's strengths and areas for improvement.

We're glad to hear the privacy tent served you well during your camping trip in San Bernardino. It's definitely true that setting up a tent is often easier with two people, but it's great to know you were able to manage it on your own! Your tip about finding level ground for optimal use, especially as a portable toilet, is valuable advice for future campers.

We understand your comment about moisture collecting on the bottom after using the tent for showering. While the material is designed to be water-resistant, it's always a good practice to use a footprint or tarp underneath for additional protection from the ground and for easier clean-up.

We appreciate your suggestion regarding the storage bag for the support poles. We'll take your feedback into consideration for future product development to ensure a smoother packing experience.

Overall, we're happy to hear you recommend the KingCamp Privacy Shower Tent! We strive to provide high-quality camping gear that enhances your outdoor adventures.

Thank you again for your review!

KingCamp Outdoors Team

Haven't bought it yet

I am very interested in this tent, but I want to know what tc cotton or Polyester Cotton is, which one is better and more waterproof than a pure cotton tent?

Hi customer,

That makes sense to wait until you know more!

TC cotton: This is a mix of polyester and cotton. It offers a good balance between breathability (like cotton) and water resistance. TC cotton tents are also more durable than pure cotton tents and resist mold better.

TC cotton will be more waterproof than a pure cotton tent. Pure cotton tents are very breathable and comfortable in hot weather, but they absorb a lot of water and can sag or become heavy when wet.

If you're camping in hot weather, breathability might be more important. If you expect rain, then water resistance is key.

I hope this helps you decide which material is best for your needs!

KingCamp Team

High quality and spacious 3 season sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is awesome for camping and fishing trips! It comes with a handy carrying bag and all the info you need printed right on it, like how warm it keeps you. The outside is tough polyester that won't rip, and the inside is super soft cotton. Plus, it's really well-made with no weird stitching or snaggy zippers.

Here's the coolest part: this bag is comfy on both the outside and inside, and it's lightweight at only about 5 pounds. The material is quiet too, so no crinkly noises to wake you up at night. It's also super roomy, plenty of space to toss and turn. But the best part? Unzip the whole thing and it turns into a giant blanket! Perfect for sharing with friends or just lounging around. You can even unzip the bottom part to cool off your feet on warm nights. King Camp thought of everything with this bag!

Hi Mett,

It seems like the King Camp sleeping bag has everything you need for a comfortable and convenient camping or fishing trip. Thanks for sharing this great review! Would you recommend it to anyone looking for a new sleeping bag? :-P

KingCamp Team


These chairs are well made. Arms are soft and comfortable I am 5’5” and they are fine for me. Not sure about someone taller. Would maybe recommend higher back for a taller person. Easy to put back in bag and nice carry bag.

Dear H.V,

Those are great observations! It sounds like these chairs are very comfortable, especially with the soft and plush arms. Your feedback about the chair height is valuable for taller folks – perhaps mentioning a recommended height range would be helpful to others.It's also fantastic that they're easy to store back in the bag, and having a nice carry bag is a definite plus.

Overall, these sound like well-made chairs that would be a great choice for shorter campers or those who prioritize comfort. Thanks for sharing your experience and the lovely picture!

KingCamp Team

Depth of seat seems short, but I will deal with it. Not very Comfortable . Looks better than it sets. Will not be purchasing anymore.

Well constructed and comfortable

5 stars for floor seats

The floor mat is outstanding in every aspect. Its high-quality, durable material withstands rugged outdoor use, providing a sturdy base whether camping on rocky terrain or sandy beaches. The mat offers excellent comfort and insulation, keeping the interior warm and cozy, especially during chilly nights. Its waterproof nature makes cleanup easy, effectively keeping moisture out even in rainy conditions.

Great addition for our JK!

We are very pleased with this tent. It is not too hard to set up and is quite spacious. It can open up enough to let a decent breeze through so you don't overheat in the bright sun, but also can hold in the body heat for warmth once closed up tight if camping on a cooler night.
My hubby plans on using it mostly for doing "Parks on the Air" activations and Field Day activities with his Ham Radio setup in there and an air mattress in the Jeep bed for sleeping (IF he sleeps!)
The one quibble we have is the WEIGHT. At around 42 pounds, it is a HEFTY tent. Mostly due to the heavier fabric (more of a canvas than the rip-stop most tents are made of these days) and VERY sturdy metal poles.
Of course, since this would be for "car camping" and it attaches TO the vehicle, at least you don't need to carry it far from the vehicle to begin!

Very cool option for SUV camping

This is a great addition to the gear I keep in the back of my explorer. Mainly for camping trips, but also there in case of emergencies. This is a great little shelter, and it attaches right to the back of your SUV. You can extend your personal space quite a bit, and keep everything pretty secure.

It is very easy to set up, and attached to the vehicle, very little assembly required. It is also really easy to disassemble, and repack away. It does not take up that much space while being stored, but it does take some. It is also not the most lightweight tent, it is meant to be left in the vehicle.

It is made out of very high-quality materials, and does not seem to have any leaks. It is recommended to use a can of "camp dry" about once a year anyways to keep it waterproof. this tenant should be around for many seasons to come, with proper maintenance, and storage.

Overall, this is a great option for vehicle camping. It is very easy to store, set up, attached, and use. Highly recommended.

Plenty of space for a family of 4 and a couple of dogs.

This tent is serious! Its probably the biggest tent i've ever used. Setup is pretty easy but can be a bit time consuming the first time. The instructions were pretty straight forward though. I love that we can put an air mattress in our cargo area for a separate sleeping space and it's still a part of the tent. Looking forward to many adventures going forward


With two people in the sleeping bag, there's still room!
Even with 8 degrees outside the tent we were very warm 👍
The material is really comfortable, I recommend!

Material feels good against skin, large and heavy. More for base or car camping

Kingcamp 3 in 1 sleeping bag

This is a very nice well built bag. Firstly, this is not for backpacking unless you want to carry a bag that weighs 3354g (118.3oz, 7.394lbs) and when tightly packed is 17 inches long and 10 inches in diameter.

It was tough to pull out of the compression sack it was packed in so tightly, it was as you can imagine equally tough to roll up and get back in the compression sack, something that will be a struggle to do in a small tent. I would like to see the bag a bit bigger. (Not that you would be rolling, instead you would be stuffing)

It is a nice design where you can remove the inner bag to use as a lighweight warm weather bag, or you can zip together for cold weather. I would like to have seen some interal baffles at the bottom corner where the side and bottom zip don't quite meet, I imagine that is a place where cold air could get it. Other than that this is a perfect bag.

Thank you for reading my review and looking at my photos of this product. I hope you found it helpful!

REVIEW PHILOSOPHY: I only review a product if it is something I am capable of critically evaluating through comparison, testing and use. This means I have experience of using similar items; or that I have equipment or tools that I can test it with; or that I have an upcoming need so I can actually use. I am as selective about getting an item to review as I would be about purchasing that same item, so yes, I expect it to be a good product. My reviews are NOT based on packaging or if it was delivered timely.

Good quality

Really nice sleeping bag. I was not expecting much, but this has a really good quality and feels pretty durable. Nice size, compact and lightweight, perfect for camping.

Very comfortable and easy to transport

Hi Buck,

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that you find our chair very comfortable and easy to transport. Providing comfort and convenience for our customers is always our top priority. We appreciate your support!

KingCamp Team

Good cot

My only concern with it is it’s not insulated so I woke up cold even with a zero degree bag.

Hi Joseph, Thank you for sharing your experience with the KingCamp cot. We're sorry to hear that you woke up feeling cold despite using a zero-degree sleeping bag. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate you bringing this concern to our attention.

While the KingCamp cot is designed to provide comfort and support during outdoor adventures, we understand that insulation is crucial, especially in colder conditions. We'll take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve our products to better meet the needs of our customers.
Thank you again for your feedback.

I like how it folds up to a small size, easy to haul in the backseat of my truck, it's on the heavy side but that's a good thing, it has an easy carry handle, I like the chair,

Hi Bernard,

It's great to hear that you're finding the chair convenient for transportation! If you have any photos or additional thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to send them our way. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy using the chair on your outdoor adventures!

KingCamp Team

So comfy

I knew it was oversized when I purchased it but not it really is oversized! Much larger than I expected.
Easy to set up and super comfortable to sit in.
To pack it you take the cushion off the frame and wrap it around the frame and use the Velcro straps to hold it around the frame. It is NOT easy to get it back in the bag. My hands hurt from trying to pull the bag on. I wrapped it as tight as I could. It would be nice if there was a little spare room in the bag so that if you can’t get it wrapped as tightly as they do in the factory you could easily slip it back in the bag. It isn’t a chair you can “make a quick getaway” with if it starts pouring, takes a second to wrap it up and in my case a little bit of time to actually get it back in the bag. Honestly it’s my only complaint. It’s a really nice, really comfortable chair. I just wish the storage bag was a little larger.


Hi Tina,

We're thrilled to hear that you're loving the tent! If you have any specific features or experiences you'd like to share, we'd love to hear more details. Your feedback helps us improve and ensures other campers have a fantastic experience too!

KingCamp Team

Sturdy, comfortable, heavy

This is a very nice camping chair. It is large and spacious. The padding is very comfortable and soft. It’s easy to set up. The chair frame and pad are separate. I did have a small amount of difficulty fitting the chair pockets over the chair posts while assembling this. After testing it out, the chair does hold 300 pounds. It comes with a sturdy carrying bag with a shoulder strap. It’s a little difficult to squish the chair back into the carry-bag. It comes with Velcro straps to help with this, but the straps aren’t attached to anything, so it’s easy to lose them. I would prefer if the Velcro straps were sewn onto the chair pad. It packs down pretty small compared to how big it folds out, but it’s still a pretty big thing to carry. It also takes up much more space in the car than a regular camping chair.
What I don’t like is that there are no armrests on this chair. It’s very comfortable, but would be more comfortable with arm rests. A cup holder would also be nice, but isn’t essential. This chair is heavy; you wouldn’t want to carry it for long distances. It would be great for a camping trip where you plan to stay in the same campsite the whole time.
I’m pretty pleased with the chair’s comfort level. It’s a luxurious camping accessory.

It's a BEAST

This chair is a real powerhouse. It is comfortably oversized, for oversized people. It's super easy to set up, and a little more difficult to break down. I kind of wish that it had arms, but even without them, this chair will be a lot more comfortable to sit in than the seats of my bus while I'm on a charter.

I absolutely love this chair!!!

When I moved into my home, I didn’t have any furniture except for this chair. It has been a godsend. I can’t even express how much I like it and how comfortable it is and it holds a lot of weight. I won’t tell you what I weigh, but it’s more than 250. Lol

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