Interest in camping has grown steadily for the past decade, adding millions of new camping households each year, as measured by the annual North American Camping report. 

2020 is a special year because of COVID-19, we have to stay at home, avoid going to public places, or maintain social distancing standards with other people when in public. Although the timeline for when the world will start to emerge from COVID-19 is not clear, the results of this special COVID-19 edition of the North American Camping Report, indicate that camping is well-positioned to rebound earlier compared to other types of travel, once travelers themselves deem it safe to travel again. It largely because camping providing a safe, affordable, accessible way to return to the outdoors while still maintaining acceptable social distancing standards.

Yes, there are many benefits you can get from camping:

  • It provides a safe, affordable vacation option closer to home;
  • For children, camping is a great way to spend time outdoors;
  • It is can be therapeutic and beneficial for our physical and mental health;
  • It can promote Family Bonding
  • We can spend quality time with family
  • We can embrace the fresh air and breathtaking outdoor view.

Can’t wait to pack the tent and hit the road now? Remember, camping is a relatively safe way to remain physically active and embrace amazing outdoor views, not an absolutely safe method. So, you also need to do some preparation for health before setting off.

  • Book campground ahead of time to ensure yourself a spot;
  • Don'ts Go to crowded public places and avoid the crowded hiking path;
  • Always keep wearing a face mask in public;
  • Keep the social distancing standards;
  • Do bring portable, easy-to-access hand sanitizer, your own soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and any other hygiene essentials;
  • Take a private bathroom tent with you;
  • Bring Food and cooking gear.

Let’s embrace camping-the more rustic and earthy getaway!