Increasingly serious environmental problems have engraved the concept of environmental protection into people's hearts. Whether in life, life, or travel, we must learn to use environmental protection methods.

How to do Eco-Travel? How to plan a Sustainable & Responsible Trips? In this article, we will introduce small but useful trip tips in terms of sustainability to improve environmental issues.


Which is the most sustainable form of accommodation? Our answer is camping. Bring all the camping gear you need to create an outdoor home, enjoy the joy of nature: play, eat in the outdoors, sit around a campfire under the starry sky with friends, drift off to sleep while listening to the sounds of the forest... and when you finish, you can take everything with you, leaves no carbon footprint at all.


Plastic products have brought a huge burden to our earth, so take reusable’s products with you when traveling. We love to take KingCamp high-performance, portable gears with us, such as water bottle, bamboo cutlery or coffee cup, they are fantastic options for eco protection and play an important role in your trip, and you’ll be surprised how much these come in handy while on the road.


There is no doubt that taking a plane is the fastest mode of transportation, but it is also more harmful to the environment. So when you are not in a hurry, you can choose to travel by train. When you arrive at your travel address, taking local public transportation is also a good choice. When the weather is nice, why not choose to ride or walk to get to know this place?

4. Save energy

Being mindful of the energy we consume is an easy way to be a more environmentally-friendly traveler. A shorter shower to save water, Turn off the air conditioner, choose to walk up and down the stairs to save electricity...

5. Minimize garbage

The trash produced by humans has caused a huge burden on the earth. Non-degradable plastics will remain on the earth and cause damage to the soil, or enter the ocean and be eaten by marine life and cause poisoning...Therefore, the “leave no trace” mantra should apply to holiday mode too. Take only photographs leave only footprints

All the little things you do personally can add up to great things, let’s work together to improve the environment