Summer is here, we are all looking forward to a holiday having a golden beach and blue ocean. From sunset to sunrise, beach camping can be a spectacular experience. You can explore the shoreline during the day, and fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach at night.

Then what gear should you bring for a beach camping? In this article, KingCamp will recommend a beach camping packing list to help you get an easy and cozy camping trip.

KingCamp is for those who want to get close to nature without feeling like an episode of Survivor; it is an active advocate for the family-oriented outdoor lifestyle. KingCamp focuses on the actual relationships between loved ones, creating products that allow you to focus your energy on human interaction instead of the gear.


A beach shelter will create a cool oasis for your family and friends to hide in when they've forgotten just how oppressively bright the sun can be.


For beach camping, a tent is an essential gear. A double-layer tent with a good viewing effect and protective function is ideal. This KingCamp tent has a quick-up system that makes sure you can put up or pack up in seconds when you need to use outdoors. The tent is ventilated and cool. The flysheet is waterproof. And the floor is wear-resistant and water-proof. UPF50+; its top cloth can be opened, and stars can be seen lying in the tent!


beach tent


Want to a nice sleep? It is necessary to bring a comfortable sleeping pad. It is recommended to choose the KingCamp 2-Person Airbed with Internal Pump, which is easy and fast to inflate, and large enough for two adults, perfect for camping, backpacking, and hiking.


beach sleeping pad


The sleeping bag is also one of the essential equipment as even in summer the wildness will be quite cold at night. The temperature scale is an important standard for measuring the suitability of sleeping bags. Please check the minimum temperature of the campsite at night in advance, and use this as a standard to carry suitable sleeping bags.


Sitting on a comfortable beach chair, stepping on the soft sand and tasting a cold beer...this holiday is perfect. Recommend this KingCamp ultralight beach chair, which is small and light, comfortable and breathable, low seat design, strong bearing capacity, help you spend a relaxing and comfortable day on the beach!


beach chair


At darkness night, the lantern is the only source of light. Hanging in the tent, it can be used as lighting; when going out at night, it can also be used as a lantern.


Bring food to the campsite with a cooler box is a good idea, which is safe, clean, and could save money.


Remember to press it with heavy objects, such as backpacks or cooler box, to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.


While staying in where we are in contact with seawater at any time, it is necessary to prepare waterproof bags for our valuables, such as mobile phones and cameras, and also some larger waterproof bags to store the wet swimsuit.


Sun protection items are essential, so remember to take sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hats, and quick-dry towels must be prepared.

Enjoy the great outdoors with KingCamp high-performance, portable, comfortable camping gears. It's time to slow down and let real life begin.