KingCamp is currently recruiting temporary workers to serve at the upcoming outdoor sports-themed exhibition. You will receive a daily wage of $200 and exhibition products as gifts. If you are a camping professional influencer, you also have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for KingCamp.

The information about the tradeshow

  • The theme of theTradeshow:  OUTDOOR RETAILER SUMMER
  • Time: Jun.19th-21th,2023

Selection criteria for workers

Anyone who are interested in serving on the tradeshow. Particularly outdoor activities enthusiasm such as camping, hiking, mountaining, water sports lover etc and camping influencers.

What workers do on the tradeshow

The responsibilities of temporary staff include greeting and interacting with customers at the exhibition, engaging in small talk, and providing brief introductions to the products.

Do workers need to prepare anything in advance?

  • You are required to arrive at the venue one day prior to the exhibition and we will send product information to you at that time.
  • KingCamp will provide clothes for the tradeshow.

What can workers get?

  • $200 per day.
  • free outdoor equipment on tradeshow
  • opportunity to become a brand ambassador for KingCamp.


You are welcome to participate actively. Please feel free to contact us through the ‘contact us’ option at the bottom of the page or via our online chat system.