Halloween is coming.

No matter how cool and excited you are, once lights are out, your mind will start to wandering.

The forest floor is incredibly noisy, every crack and rustle will make you shrink into a ball nervously. After all, there’s only a thin layer between you and whatever lurks outside of your tent.

So, try soothing yourself to fall asleep is one of the most important things at the Halloween night. Today I want to share some TIPS for a good Halloween night’s sleep.


If you have AirPods Pro with “Active Noise Cancellation”, it will be easier. Turn on your favorite music or podcast to take your mind off it all.


A comfortable sleeping system will be very helpful. If you go car camping, I highly recommend you to bring a camping cot. A camping cot can help you keep warm and comfortable in the outdoors. You don’t need to sleep on the ground.

Sleeping Pad or Folding Cot? This is a question.

My opinion is, it’s better to equip a cot with a sleeping pad.

Cots and sleeping pad should be used together for insulation from the cold. In warm weather, a cot can also be used by itself. A sleeping pad is lightweight and portable. So, pack it in your trunk.

Don’t forget a sleeping bag to keep warm.




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