There’s no better way to end your camping day than gathering around the campfire.

Compared with sitting on the ground, it’s better to sit in a good camp chair. So, you need a reliable comfy camping chair. Not all camping chairs are created equal, so I want to introduce 3 different kinds of the most popular and top-rated chairs from KingCamp. This article will help you find the perfect portable chair for your needs and wallet.



It’s one of the most popular chairs of our brand.

With a 23.2 inches wide seat, the KingCamp Beach Chair is wider than others. You can fully stretch your legs in it, as comfortable as lying on your bed.

It’s equipped with a cup holder on the right side. So you can enjoy the entire day of relaxation conveniently.

Don’t forget to prepare one for your loved ones. We offer a favourable price if you buy the 2-piece set.



A director's chair is a lightweight chair that folds side-to-side with a scissors action. The stereotypical image of a movie director on location includes one of these chairs, hence the name. Victor Papanek describes this chair as an excellent design in his book Design for the Real World as it is simple and ideally suited to its function.

The KingCamp director chair is also popular among outdoor lovers. It can be set up or folded in seconds. Cushioned chair back and armrest offer you a better use experience. You can put your beverage and food on the side table with cup holder. For your small necessities like tablet, cards and keys we designed the removable side storage pockets.

Built better for your needs.



It’s time to stop crossing your legs. It’s bad for your health!

Over time, crossing your legs can cause alignment issues and increase your chance for developing spider veins, not to mention that it’s bad for your blood pressure and circulation.

So, I really recommend you to choose a ultralight chair with footrest stool. It can release your feet and legs.

The lightweight camping chair from KingCamp, about 2 in. wider and 2 in. higher than other high-back chairs, born to be extra roomy, bathing you in a comfort.

The angle can be adjusted for different sitting positions, you may never want to get up.

In the outdoor world, there are many types of activities, such as fishing, music festival, sports competitions, canoeing, hiking, van camping, auto camping, glamping, and other adventures. You can invite different people to join your outdoor activities. For example, you can go camping with family members, friends, lovers, your children or pets. Regular family camping may become lifelong memories. You can choose your own outdoor lifestyle from such a large amount of ideas and enjoy the camping fun.

If you are planning an outdoor trip, go with KingCamp. KingCamp is committed to providing a one-stop solution for family's outdoor life, inspiring and guiding people to live an unplugged life and learn to love outdoors. KingCamp provides you with thousands of high-quality camping gear.

Nature is calling, it's time to live on the road, unplug for love and to connect with your loved ones.