It’s not a secret that we can get many benefits from outdoor activities. So most of the outdoorsy parents hope their kids can love outdoor activities too. We all want to make sure our kids spend loads of time outside as a family, enjoying new outdoor experiences, such as hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, or cycling.

But how to make our kids resist the lure of electronics and inspire them for an outdoor trip? Here we share some useful methods.

And we would love to communicate with campers about family regular camping. If anyone knows of anything about it, then please share with us.


You can share some of your great outdoor experiences with kids and try to inspire slowly their curiosity for outdoor activities. Maybe one day they will request to go outdoors with you. Then you can do all these activities with your kids, spending loads of time doing stuff like hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, and fishing, which will shape your kids' passion for nature and the outdoors.


As experienced outdoor enthusiasts, we love hiking in mountains, driving along the meandering coastlines, and camping in valleys full of flowers, but our kids may not be interested in these as they have not experienced like that. So, try some other things they are interested in to motivate them to go outdoors, such as their favorite candy (committed they can eat candy halfway through hiking).


It’s impossible for your kids to become skilled outdoorsy in a short time, so be patient. Start with indoors camping, backyard camping, then go real camping on the campsite. And note that kids, especially younger ones are not always going according to plan. When you kids want to throw rocks in a creek instead of hiking in the trail, realize it's normal. Don't rush them or lose your temper, you can discuss with them, and try to find a balance that makes everyone happy.


For parents, when kids are young, getting outside with kids is a hard experience rather than a relaxing trip. You have to make more preparation, carry more weight, and pay attention to your kids every moment. Sweet burden! Surely as you kids growing up and ready to carry more weight, they can carry their own clothes, sleeping bag, and pad, snacks, etc.

Hiking with your kids essentials


Enjoy outdoor activities, show the fun of can set a good example for kids then they very likely will emulate you.

Talking with kids, let them laugh, compliment them when they do well and encourage them when they’re challenged, tell them they are good at outdoor activities...all of these let kids love the outdoors and create experiences that make them eager to go out again the next time.

Enjoy quality time with your kids!