True, KingCamp advocates comfort and luxury camping experience and providing an amazing amount of high-performance, portable, comfortable camping gears that are available for you to buy, but we know lightweight is more important than cozy while backpacking camping.

How to Pack Light? Practical tips for packing light

So, here, we will talk about some practical tips for packing light.


Only pack the essentials that a backpack camping needs. If you’ve carried an item on your last hiking trips but never used it once, consider leaving it behind this time.


Hammock tent: you can use a hammock tent instead of a camping tent, which is less weight, quick to set up, perfect for soggy ground and there are no poles to worry about.

Quality goose down sleeping bag: it takes up less space while providing more thermally efficient. Surely, in warmer climates, you can just use a sleeping bag liner instead.

Ultralight sleeping mat: don’t ignore the sleeping mat as most of your body heat escapes from underneath you. You can use KingCamp ultra-light compact camping sleeping mat that is designed for backpacking and hiking. It weighs 1.37 lbs, can be packed down to about the size of a water bottle, which is extremely lightweight to carry, perfect for any outdoor activity like backpacking, traveling, or camping.

KingCamp ultralight mattress KM1902

Pack the least extra clothes: except for what’s on your body, consider packing the least extra clothes. You don’t need to bring multiple outfits for a short time camping, and a little sweat and dirt are just part of a great camping experience.


Using the smallest, lightest backpack is a good idea to train you to pack lighter! A sturdy pack of lightweight nylon is a good choice.


It is also a good way to use multi-functional camping gear. For example, an item that can be used as a hammock, a backpack, and a poncho, will save us more space? Of course, it is.

How to Pack Light? Practical tips for packing light

Don't neglect personal care products. Make sure to only bring personal care products in small packages that can be stored within one small toiletry kit with biodegradable toilet paper and soap, insect repellent, essential medications, sunscreen, a small sewing kit, rope, and a first-aid kit.