We know winter is beautiful (especially on a snowy day), so we want to go outside with our family to experience the magical winter view. And, being outside is a useful method to improve our physical and mental health. You don’t want the kids to keep watching TV on the sofa all day, right?

But the extremely cold weather stops our feet when we push the door and plan to go outside. We can't deny that winter might not be the first season that comes to mind when you think about spending time in the great outdoors. Well, how to do now? Don’t worry! Here we will share some winter activity ideas suitable for indoors to help your family love this season and get physical and mental health.


It's a great and easy way to invite the outside in. Just with some vegetables or herb seeds and a few box planters, you can start this activity with your kids, and they will love it. Your indoor vegetable garden will create natural beauty as long as you care about your plants’ needs (so it's also a good method to teach your kids about responsibility). What's more, you can pick fresh herbs and leafy vegetables anytime and incorporate them into your meals incorporate into your meals.


When the backyard becomes bare, our feathered friends are harder to find naturally-occurring food. During the especially tough time, we must help them. You can make a few homemade birdseed feeders with your kids and put enough foods with high fat and oil content, which will give them enough energy to make it through the winter with happy bellies. you can position birdseed feeders near enough to a window, so you and your kids can watch feathered friends come to grab a bite...it's also a good opportunity to teach your kids some birds knowledge.


We can try indoors camping in winter to provide a thrilling experience for your kids. Kids should sleep in a camping tent just like a real camping trip, which will bring particularly fun for them (we love those KingCamp’s comfortable tents). So you need to choose a tent big enough to sleep with everyone comfortably, and a warm sleeping bag and air mattresses to improve the quality of sleep. Remember put the toy or blanket that your little one simply cannot do without at night in the tent. Remember to decorate your campsite with Lights as they can add a magical touch to indoors camping.


You and your kids can sitting on the ground and spreading out a tablecloth on the living room floor and enjoy some delicious sandwiches, dessert, and snacks. If you have a fireplace, it's great, by all means, build a fire. Keep unplugged in the indoor picnic, talk with your kids, and teach them to appreciate the simple things in life, such as love, nature, color, bird's song...


If you want to let your kids running and keep exciting, arranging a scavenger hunt is a good idea, your kids would greatly enjoy the thrill of being able to hunt for things hiding in every corner of your house. You can try some simple hunts to spark kids' creativity and sense of adventure, such as searching for objects in the living room or hunting for colors in the house, and what's more, it will keep your kids running, moving, and walking.

Let's enjoy a good time with your family!