Smoke starts to emerge from the grill, the smell of sizzling meat slices through the air, the refreshing drink is bubbling...the sun is shining, the kids are playing...what a wonderful summer BBQ time!

Everyone loves a good BBQ, especially in summer. Summer is the time to be outside, enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors and BBQ meals on the grill with family and friends.

Outdoor BBQ Tips & Tricks

Here we have some Outdoor BBQ Tips & Tricks to help you have a good BBQ day.


There are plenty of quick and easy recipe options to help you get a perfect BBQ party during grilling season for years to come. Read on for some of our favorites:

  • Grilled shrimp with oregano and lime;
  • Grilled chicken breasts with lemon and thyme;
  • Bacon burgers on brioche buns;
  • Grilled red curry chicken;
  • Corn on the cob with seasoned salts;
  • Grilled eggplant parmesan;
  • Tuna tacos with onions;
  • Grilled strip steaks with green bean chimichurri;
  • Basque grilled fish;
  • Grilled garden vegetable salad;
  • Grilled pork chops with honey garlic glaze;
  • Grilled peach and pineapple melba sundaes;
  • BLT hot dogs with caraway remoulade……


When grilling, it is very important to keep food safe. Here are some food safety tips for BBQs:

  • Store foods in a cool place, and don't leave cooked foods and salads lying out in the sun for more than 2 hours;
  • Always store uncooked food and ready-to-eat foods in separate sealed containers and use separate utensils for cooked and raw meat;
  • Remember to wash your hands after touching raw meat;
  • Before cooking, thaw frozen meat properly; turn the meat regularly and move it around the barbecue to cook it evenly;
  • Use a barbecue in a well-ventilated area just in case harmful fumes and gases emitted.
  • Never use petrol for a barbecue.

Outdoor BBQ Tips & Tricks


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You can create two different heat zones for grilling, one is a high heat section for relatively small, tender pieces of food that cook in 20 minutes or less;Another one is a medium heat section for larger, tougher cuts of meat that require more than 20 minutes of cooking.

Close your grill lid as much as possible, because it can keep the grates hot enough to sear the food, meantime speed up the cooking time and prevent the food from drying out. Even better, it can make food more delicious by trap the smokiness that develops when fat and juices vaporize in the grill.

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Grills are expensive... so keep it clean:

  • Clean it with a stainless steel brush when bits of food has stuck to your cooking grate, and the grate is hot, which can prevent your food from sticking.
  • After grilling, you need to use a wire brush and scrub the rack, make sure all the leftover food pieces are cleared.


Every little bit of effort will make a positive effect on environmental protection! In a BBQ party, we can do these:

  • Turn the grill off if it isn’t being used for cooking;
  • Consider using reusable dishes and silverware, or biodegradable utensils and plates, rather than disposable;
  • You can buy fruit and vegetables from a produce stand instead of a package to avoid prepackaged waste;
  • You can label your bins appropriately and your guests will happy to use them.


Do you want to give some easy BBQ fun for kids? Read on for some quick, easy ideas for providing non-stop active fun for your kid crowd at the next BBQ!

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  • CUP RACES: It can really get the party started!
  • LAWN TWISTER: Simply make a mat into your yard by spray painting the dots.
  • HOMEMADE JUMBO JENGA: It is trending at tailgates and summer BBQ’s alike.
  • TIC-TAC-TOE: Cut Shapes or images out of paper and laminate. The sturdier the better.
  • NIGHT BOWLING: One of the best outdoor party games that keep your kids entertained and out of trouble.

It’s BBQ time! Let’s have a perfect summer BBQ party!