The long winter ended! Spring is coming now! We all look forward to a road trip, eager to jump in the car and soak up the captivating landscapes. It's time to past awe-inspiring Mountains, check out classic roadside views, hike in the wildflower-covered trails, and visit charming small towns along iconic routes.

There are a thousand reasons you might find yourself in a car all night. On-road car is not only our transportation but also temporary sleeping space. During a road trip, you will be amazed that how many times (a big traffic jam or a freak snowstorm) you have to stay in your car all night.

No matter the reason why you need to know how to stay warm in a car overnight as the temp of spring night is low still. Your car alone will not be enough to keep you warm, so you need to know how to keeps yourself and your family or friends warm. Keep reading to get ways of staying warm in your car on a road trip.


With quality camping sleeping gears, you can change your car to a conducive place to sleep. You can opt to choose KingCamp self-inflatable thick mattress, down (or cotton) sleeping bag, all of these gears will keep you warm and comfy throughout the night. If you are not used to using sleeping bags, you can also choose down blankets, which will keep you as warm and comfortable as you at the home.


Wear damp clothes is no help for comfortable sleeping. So it's wise to put some warm layers in your car. Warm and dry clothes can help you to get comfy sleeping. Put on thick fleece pajamas, although they are not stylish, but will make you warm, it is much more important in that situation.


The head is a place where heat is easily dissipated, mention to keep it warm when camping. So choose a sleeping bag with a hat is necessary, wear a woolly hat is a good idea too. The feet are also easy to dissipate heat, so wearing woolen socks will keep you warmer


Enjoy a nice hot drink, chocolate perhaps to get you warm inside first before sleeping. But remember not to drink too much. It is not a happy experience to get out of the warm sleeping bag and go to the toilet in the middle of the night.


You can use a large roll of reflective foam and fit it onto all your windows and the windshield to bounce back the heat energy, this way can retain heat within the interior of the car and keep you warm. another benefit is reflective foam can block out the sunlight so you can sleep in your car even during the day!

Be prepared. Then enjoy your spring road trip.