Pack your bags, hiking in the wildness, and explore the great outdoors has become a more and more common way to spend quality weekend time for women.

Planning your first camping trip? Regardless of male or female, you must make sure you already bring all the essential items before departure. For example, when you wake up in the middle of the night in a hotel and fell a little cold, all you’d need to do is turn on the air conditioner, or add a quilt; in the wildness though, it’s a completely different story...So before you hit the road, ensure you’ve packed all-important camping gear.

The Most Important Thing to Know When Women Camping

There are many things to pay attention to when women have a camping trip. The most important one is: recognizing we tend to feel colder more often than men, and this is especially true when it comes to sleeping outdoors.

The Most Important Thing to Know When Women Camping

This is not because we're wimpier. “Since women have a lower metabolic rate, they tend to produce less heat than men do, which makes them feel colder,” explains Rob Danoff, DO, an osteopathic family physician from Philadelphia. “... since women typically have less muscle mass and evaporate less heat through the pores in their skin, they might feel colder than men in a room with the same air temperature.” So women need to choose those gears which can provide us better protection.


In most cases, the double-layer, dome-shaped, three-season camping tent is the most frequently used tent, which more functional, practical, durable, comfortable and warm.

The Most Important Thing to Know When Women Camping


When choosing a sleeping bag, please do look at the temperature rating, which indicates the temperature at which the sleeping bag is suitable for use.

For example, the temperature rating is 10 ° C means that you can use this it when the minimum temperature in the wild at night is 10 ° C. Pay attention to the characteristics that women tend to feel colder more often than men, and choose a sleeping bag that a lower temperature rating, which is safer.

KingCamp scientifically rates its sleeping bags so they match the European standard (EN 13537).Our scientific method has been implemented to easily determine the temperature limit of our sleeping bags. Our new standard uses a dummy clothed in a base layer and socks to determine the actual COMFORT temperature for a good night’s sleep. We have developed a grid containing three relevant temperature ratings for every bag (comfort temperature, limit temperature for woman and men and extreme temperature):

  • COMFORT: Temperature is based on a standard woman having a comfortable night’s sleep (neither cold nor warm).
  • LIMIT: Temperature is the lowest temperature for a standard man to have a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • “EXTREME: Temperature is the lowest temperature before a health risk can occur for standard women.

With these new standards and markings, finding the right bag from KingCamp has never been easier.

The Most Important Thing to Know When Women Camping


How to decide which sleeping pad to buy and how much warmth you’ll need? Looking at R-value is a great idea.

What is R-Value? Thus, sleeping pads serve as the protective layer between you and the ground to stop heat transfer from your warm body to the cold ground. The pad’s level of insulation is denoted by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

The Most Important Thing to Know When Women Camping

Generally speaking, women need sleeping pads which has a higher R-value, the good news is that R-values are additive, so you get increased warmth when you stack multiple pads. so now you know how to do it.

Spring is just around the corner; wish you have a great camping trip in spring!