Winter is coming, and the temperature is getting lower day by day, but all of this doesn't mean kids have to stay indoors. They need to go outdoors, get some fresh air, and maintain physical activity throughout winter.

But for many parents, it is not easy to bring their kids to an actual campsite, especially in winter. There are many concerns to them: their kids don't get used to sleeping in a campground, or never do that before; how can we do if kids want to return home? Or forget to pack adequately?

In this condition, camping in a backyard is an activity could be to try. As you can take kids to experience a real camping trip, but don’t have to worry about any of it since everything you’ll need is at your house. But this doesn't mean you don't need to do any preparation. Want to experience backyard camping? This post has some tips for backyard camping night with kids.


Definitely, winter camping is different from summer months. Keep warm is the first and most important thing. So do remember to keep kids warm with appropriate layers of clothing when going backyard camping in winter. Also, it's necessary to stay warm while sleeping; keep wearing long underwear, wool socks, and a hat on your head.


  • Camping essentials include a tent, sleeping pad, and bag. Using a 4-season tent is the key to keep warm while winter camping, it can offer much better insulation, and great for keeping you and your kids warm during a harsh winter night;

  • Also, you need to choose a type of Self-Inflated Sleeping Pad with excellent insulation, which can provide a super comfy and warm experience. Remember to see the R-value;

  • Choose the Sleeping Bag with the Right Temperature Rating. Try to use a big Family/Double Sleeping Bag which can accommodate all of your family members, and make the sleeping warmer.

  • It is necessary to prepare camping chairs around the bonfire, which will let you sit up and have a chat with your kids.


It is great to do some outdoor activities in the backyard when snowing. You and your kids could build a snowman together, blow freezing bubbles, construct an igloo, and feed the birds. Here are some fun and easy ideas:

  • Have a snowball fight
  • Build a snowman.
  • Make a snow maze.
  • Build a snow fort.
  • Make animal snow sculptures
  • Blow bubbles and watch them freeze.
  • Make rainbow sculptures with balloons.
  • Measure fresh snowfall.
  • Have a winter picnic.
  • Draw smiley faces on snow-covered car windshields.
  • Warm-up around a winter campfire.
  • Write your name in the snow, like you would on a beach.


What are camping traditions? Eat hot dogs, roast marshmallows on a campfire, and use headlamps, of course. All of these fun activities can be done during the nighttime, which will add more fun to your family backyard camping. And, you and your family might as well enjoy cups of hot chocolate to stay warm and cozy.

With careful planning, I’m sure this could be fun and memorable for you and your family.