Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the most lovable of the four seasons. The moderate temperature, sunny sky, returned birds, budding leaves, and blooming flowers in the wildness...all of these make us feel warm, active and want to explore nature.

So spring is a perfect time to do something new, such as unplug, leave your gadgets at home, then enjoy a new life.

In this post, we will share some practical ways which can attract you run to nature. Just as spring brings green growth back to plants and trees, hope this article can bring colorful and active life back to you.


Begin your new unplugged life by prepping your garden for planting. Plan what you want to plant (flowers, vegetables, and fruits are all good choices) and where to plant. Then pick up planting tools and take the first step towards the ideal garden.


It's time to take out your hammock and hang it between the trees of your yard. It will be a great place to get a nap and read books. Everything is better when you’re outside and immersed in nature and the book. If you afraid the weather is not so warm, you can prepare ahead of a warm blanket.


Yoga is a wise idea that can help us be more present and mindful and practicing. Outdoor yoga is better. While practicing yoga outside, you will use all your senses to establish a link with nature and enjoy feelings of peace and connectedness.


Holding an outdoor picnic outside in spring is a great way to spend a weekend. Not only do you avoid the heat, humidly, crowds, and pesky bugs of summer, but you can enjoy the soft wind and warm weather, delicious food, and the company of family.


Spring’s well on its way, along with all the sunshine and flowers you could ask for. And there’s no better time to pack your friends up and take an epic auto-camping. Start your car, and go anywhere you like.


Spring brings longer days, hotter weather, BBQs, and endless music festivals. If you want to enjoy live music, don't miss these spring music festivals, choose one of the best music fests, and begin preparing your music festival gear, such as chairs, tents.

It's time to do something new and get alive again.