Camping in the fall is great way to extend your outdoor adventures into the cooler months, while enjoying some gorgeous fall scenery. It will be the fashion trend of this autumn. If you have never tried camping in the fall, we highly recommend giving it a shot this year.

If you’re a green hand, still no need to worry about anything because we’ve got you covered with these fall camping tips that will help you prepare and know what to pack so you can enjoy an incredible autu mn camping.


First thing, you should always keep in mind that do never camp in an untraversed or unexploited place, so as to avoid encountering danger and getting into troubles. Deep grass or places that you’re not familiar with are also the sites you’d better keep away from.


When you go camping in Fall, remember to bring food with enough calories, such as chocolate, eggs, trail mix, nuts and bars...These food can help you gather strength in a shorter period of time. Of course, water is what you must carry with for outdoors, but perhaps you don’t need that as  much as in Summer.


As temperature goes down in Fall, your need and aspiration for warm food will undoubtedly ballooning. Warm food is much easier for us to absorb nutrients and friendly to our intestines and stomach. But when you cook food in outdoors, remind yourself to set up stove and grill at open terrain to snap the possibility of causing fire hazard.



Waking up freezing cold at mid-night is awful, and the best way to avoid this is to add a liner to your sleeping bag and using a higher R-value mattress. The best sleeping bag for fall camping should have proper insulation, with a cold tolerance of zero to 30 degrees.

KingCamp 3 Season Adult Flannel Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather (-18 Degree) with Pillow and Fleece Liner


We highly recommend our 3 Season Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Fleece Liner. The outer sleeping bag and the fleece liner are the perfect combinations. You can use either of them independently. With a removable zippered fleece liner, it is convenient to adjust the temperature, whether you are in a cool or cold place. The fleece liner can be used alone in 77-68℉/25-20℃. The sleeping bag without fleece liner can be used alone in 5 ℉/-15℃.


If you are camping on the ground, sleeping pads can not only make the ground more comfortable, but also insulate your body from the cold and provide better heat retention.

KingCamp Luxury 3D Single Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad


For sleeping pads, we recommend our Luxury 3D Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad. The foam sleeping pad features 3-inch thick high rebound foam, with high R-Value(6.1), the sleeping pad will remain thermal. The vertical sidewalls maximize the usable sleeping area, providing ultimate comfort all night long. Therefore, you can say goodbye to backaches and related discomforts.


Bring a tarp to put under the tent to keep it drier so moisture from the earth cannot seep in. You may also want to toss a tarp over your rain fly for additional protection from the weather.

KingCamp multifunctional waterproof UV protection ultra-lightweight portable durable Tent Tarp Hammock Tent, suitable for camping hiking


If you’re looking for a suitable tarp, you could consider about this KingCamp multifunctional waterproof ultra-lightweight Tarp. The camping tarp can be set up in a square or triangle shape to better shelter you from rain or sunshine, or be used as a ground tarp for an extra layer of protection.


At last, we want to share some tips for you. If you happen to own a tent without mosquito netting, then you may need to know how to keep the insects out over your tent doors when camping. You could try Thernacell, or burn bundles of sage or rosemary in your campfire to expel annoying bugs. You could also put peppermint extract in a small spray bottle and spray it all around your tent and tent door, but you should note that bear loves mint, so you’d better not try this method in a bear country. But the best way is to buy a tent with mosquito netting, such as our KingCamp tent.

Before you go camping, recheck every details of your plan and all the gear you’re gonna need. When it’s all done, just get out and enjoy the crisp fall air!

In the outdoor world, there are many types of activities, such as fishing, music festival, sports competitions, canoeing, hiking, van camping, auto camping, glamping, and other adventures. You can invite different people to join your outdoor activities. For example, you can go camping with family members, friends, lovers, your children or pets. Regular family camping may become lifelong memories. You can choose your own outdoor lifestyle from such a large amount of ideas and enjoy the camping fun.

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