Glamping is more popular than ever, so maybe you and your kids are looking forward to a high-quality glamping holiday, camping in pods, bell tents, yurts, shepherd's huts. But have you thought about you don't need to travel far from home to have an amazing glamping experience? Here we collect some Backyard Camping Life Hacks to help you enjoy Backyard Glamping easily.

Glamping! Backyard Camping Life Hacks


First of all, you need a super big camping tent; all ultralight 1-2 person hiking tents are not suitable for glamping. I like the new glamping tent of KingCamp, whose name is KHAN. It is like a small house; in it even you can put your furniture to create a comfortable and luxurious outdoor "home".

Glamping! Backyard Camping Life Hacks


Grab your comfortable air mattress and extra fluffy blankets and create a soft and inviting bed to make you feel that you are in your real bed in your room. You can even move your bed directly into the tent to creating a more comfortable sleeping environment.


Lay down a picnic blanket and throw some soft pillows on it, then you can bathe in the sun with your family; set up outdoor tables and chairs (I like KingCamp's bamboo table), put flowers and tea on it, then you can enjoy leisure time in the sun.

Glamping! Backyard Camping Life Hacks


LED lights are a must-have gear when camping. They are brighter, last longer and do a good job at guide you to walk in the dark. Remember to get yourself a great bug spray, light a few citronella candles, and pack wipes.

Even when you are busy and have no time to travel, you can have glamping in the backyard and have a great holiday.