Hiking is a useful way to encounter experience an epic view. While walking along the trail, we can see the alpine lakes, fields full of wildflowers, and bison, moose, deer, and an assortment of other critters...it's great, right?

When the eyes are in heaven, our feet are in hell. Walking in a long time without stopping will make our feet tired and get blisters. How to prevent blisters when hiking? We will recommend some pro tips in this article.

Pro Tips for Preventing Blisters when Hiking

1. Wear Right Hiking Boots

When you purchase new hiking shoes, you can wear and check if your toes have enough room to spread out; then walking on an inclined ramp to make sure you get the right size. Don't choose new shoes for a long time hiking, because generally speaking, new shoes do not fit as well as old ones.

2. Keep your feet dry

Humid and hot environments are prone to blisters, so you need to keep your feet dry to avoid that situation. So, a pair of waterproof & breathable hiking boots is necessary, which can keep water out when you hike in the rain or splash through puddles, meantime can keep your feet dry.

3. Socks and insoles are important

Socks and insoles are important elements to keep your feet dry too. Hiking socks that can move moisture, dry quickly, protect your feet from chafing is a perfect choice. You can choose merino wool or synthetic or blend ones, but never choose cotton socks. Meantime, wear professional insole that can provide a better fit, more support, and make my feet less sore after long days of walking.

4. Keep Your Feet and Boots Clean

When hiking, sand and dirt will rub your feet and cause blisters up as they walk. So it's necessary to clean your shoes and feet periodically to clean dirt out.

5. Take precautions

No one knows us better than ourselves. When we have enough hiking experience, we will also find places where blisters on our feet,such as the backs of your heels, toes, or the balls of your feet. Before setting off, you can coat anti-chafing products that lubricate your feet.

Let's schedule time into your weekend to go for a hike/walk in the woods with friends and family.