Today’s kids only spend an average of 30 minutes a day outside, meanwhile, those same kids average seven hours in front of electronics on a daily basis...I must admit that I was very shocked when I read these data, I believe you are the same. We can still remember the joyful experience of running in nature the whole day and spending summer vacation outdoors when we were young and regret that kids nowadays no longer enjoy this joy.

The good news is that more and more parents are beginning to realize that outdoor sports play an important role in the physical and mental health of their children. Whether it’s a camping trip in the national park or taking a family hiking trip through the forest, there’s no denying the benefits of stepping away from the screen and into the sunshine. So, now, more and more parents begin taking kids to spend more time outside and away from digital devices to help them improve their emotional and intellectual well-being, too.

10 Tips for Keeping Kids Happy & Safe Outdoors

However, when kids leave comfortable homes and come outdoors to exercise, they will inevitably become unsuitable and may even get injured. So, how to keep kids happy & safe outdoors? Here we have 10 tips.


It's a good idea to choose a destination close to home to start, so your kids don’t get restless and tired on a long drive. You can look for some perfect spots for a family-friendly hiking trip, which was filled with stunning, varied nature and a wide range of easily accessed hiking trails.


Keep funny and easy! At least at the first few times, select some not too hard outdoor sports, make a loose schedule, and keep play leisurely.


There are many funny outdoor games that very suitable to chase the bores blues away and keep our kids happy: cycling, water-based outdoor sports, camping, hiking…choose one, and set off now.


Nature is an amusement park that can always keep your kids occupied. For example, your kids are more interested in getting down on his or her hands and knees to explore the undergrowth than hiking on the trail, so why not create games that you and your kids can play out on the trail? Have them count wildflower species, look for signs of wildlife, organize a scavenger hunt, or play the classic hide and seek games... all of them can help kids feel funny and keep kids from becoming disinterested or restless about going further along the trail.


Delicious food is a great motivator for tiny feet, here is some health and delicious food choice that you can prepare for your kids while outdoors: Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Mini Sandwiches, Crackers Sandwiches, Mini Muffins, Fresh Fruit, Veggie Sticks... And always bring snacks and plenty of fluids.


There is nothing more exciting for kids than roasting marshmallows, watching the stars and telling horror stories around the campfire at night. But parents need to always be very deliberate about campfires, never leave it unattended by an adult, and make sure to put them out completely when done.


It’s simply a fact of life that camping in a campground with direct access to water features - like a nearby river or lake - is more fun. Bun fact, bodies of water is dangerous because can lead to drowning, so don't leave children alone by the river or lake; teach them to swim; put on life jackets for children during water sports.


It's best to wear long-sleeved, loose fit clothing to cover your kids' skin (tuck pants into socks) and help protect them from both mosquitoes and ticks. Another handy tip is to treat clothes with permethrin or choose pre-treated clothing for your kids.


Remember to apply sunscreen to your kids every two hours; avoid do any outdoor activities from 10:00 to 14:00; let your kids wear hats. Let’s encourage our kids to unplug and go enjoy the outdoors while the weather is so nice. Learn to love outdoors.


No matter how careful you are, the energetic kids may run out of your sight. When they can’t find their way back to the tent, the safety whistle will come into play.

Let's encourage our kids to unplug and go enjoy the outdoors while the weather is so nice. Learn to love outdoors!