Summer is the peak season for family camping. But when people enjoy the joy of outdoor activities, they also face some risks, such as getting lost, especially for kids. So parents should teach kids some survival skills before set out.

Survival Skills: 5 Survival Tricks Your Kids Should Know

Here we will introduce 5 survival tricks your kids should know.


You can skip food all day but must drink water. No matter what the situation is, water is the first resource people have to find and obtain. So how to find water outdoors is an essential trick that parents need to teach kids.

Clear, flowing water is your best option, which means a small stream should be what you look for first, then Rivers, then Lakes. Rainwater is drinkable, especially in wild, rural areas. You can collect and drink rainwater to get hydrated without the risk of bacterial infection.

Fruits, vegetables, cacti, fleshy/pulpy plants, even roots contain a lot of water that can help you get hydration. You can find many excellent sources of hydration tropical environments where fruits and vegetation are abundant.


kids love building forts, and also building the shelter,  trust me, this basic survival skills activities will provide hours of endless fun for your kids, and make your kids learn more advanced skills and get much more prepared in case of real emergencies.

you can teach your kids how to build a shelter with Simple tarps and Dead branches,or teach them to build the frame with thick branches and insulate the walls with thick vegetation.

Never ignore this survival trick; the shelter could certainly save a life in emergency time.


There hide many yummy foods in the wood, such as blackberry, blueberry, or other well known eatable bush can help people last for a while.

You can teach your kids how to find Edible fruit or plants outdoors. Depending on where you are, you can find everything from mangoes and bananas to wild yams and sugarcane. Coconuts are a good food source in tropical jungles, as is sugarcane, figs, papaya, and taro root. Familiarize yourself with local edible fruits before you travel to any jungle or rainforest.

Teach your kids always avoid plants with white or yellow berries, anything with an almond smell, plants with thorns. Milky or discolored sap is a warning sign. Don't eat mushrooms. If something tastes bitter or soapy, spit it out.

Survival Skills: 5 Survival Tricks Your Kids Should Know


As we all know, body temperature loss is a very dangerous thing, so we need to quickly find a useful way to stay warm when we lost with no fire.

You can pile up a large mound of pine needles, leaves, moss, cattails, hollow out a trough large enough for your body and then climb in and lay down. Another useful trick is the "scarecrow" method: stuff pants, sleeves, and shirts with leaves so you can survive sub-freezing nights.


It is very important to teach your kids to send out help signals for help while saving energy and protecting themselves.

One useful method is to hang brightly colored cloth strips at high places in the shelter, or use the flash mode of the flashlight to send out a distress signal (more suitable at night).

The most common way is using the whistle. Let each child carry a whistle on a necklace, and do some signal drills to teach them how to send the signal for help by Whistles of different times and length.

Let’s teach these stricks to kids! Let's have a more secure family camping experience!