It is luck that you love camping and your loved one does too. Thus on Valentine's Day, camping is a romantic idea and each one will satisfy with it. You and your sweetheart can unplug in a very special way, kick back, take a snooze or reach for a book at your campsite.

A romantic camping adventure with your significant other is a great way to make the bond of your relationship stronger. But it takes a bit of forethought to pull off successfully. In this post we will provide 3 tips for planning the perfect Valentine's Day camping date, including some camping gear tips that will bring you closer together as a couple and create a romantic atmosphere at camp.


The true gift is the quality time and memories you’ll create together during your adventure! So it’s meaningful for you to create a romantic atmosphere and the perfect romantic camping trip.

  • The first important thing is to choose your destination wisely. Take your significant ones to the most romantic campsite that locates in a beautiful place and with less crowded.
  • After setting up a comfortable KingCamp camping tent and other camping essentials, you can hang some soft solar, waterproof fairy glamping lights (or add some candles) which can radiate a romantic glow.
  • Campfire is necessary by which you can get a romantic feel, and it will make you get warmer when you sit around it. Try to add a little extra fun with the flame colorant to create a different feel from ordinary campfires.
  • Now take out your blue tooth speaker and play some music both of you like to set a peaceful, loving atmosphere. Music can always be the way to a human’s heart. Try this playlist: Michael Buble’s “Home,” Ingrid Michaelson’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and Ray La Montagne’s “You are the Best Thing.”


What's more? Unplug. Turn off your phones and remove outside disturbances, spend quality time and make a memory. There are many romantic couple camping activities you can enjoy with your loved ones.

  • Catching a sunset is a surefire way to set the mood for date night. Of course, the best date night might be one where you catch the sunset and the sunrise. Of course, watching stars is also a must-try romantic outdoor activity for lovers.
  • One must try outdoor activity is hiking to a scenic spot, and have a romantic picnic in a quiet location surrounded by chirping birds, fresh air, and phenomenal views.


If you don't want to carry too much bulk, you can choose some couples camping gear which not only can reduce your burden but also add a romantic Valentine atmosphere.

Check out some fun couple camping gear ideas for your darling below.

Double Sleeping Bag for 2 Adults

It can be used as 1 double sleeping bag or 2 individual sleeping bags for adults. It offers a roomy and warm space (87" x 59" ) for couples or families. Enjoy the warmth and closeness when embracing, frozen night will no more suffer.

Lightweight Comfortable Air Sleeping Pad 3.9 Inches Thick Mattress

The weight is only 4.4 lbs, which is very convenient to carry and perfect for hiking, outdoor backpacking, camping, and overnight guests.

Deluxe Series Thick Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

This durable self-inflating camp pad is ideal for camping, self-driving tour, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Also, it can be used at home when you have guests round to spend the night.

Inflatable Portable Air Sofa

The back height is 11.8 inches; give your waist and back enough support to keep you sitting for a long time. During use, you don't need to worry about the sofa turning over.

With our tips, hope you can get a romantic camping trip whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a first date, or just a weekend getaway together.