March 8, is the annual International Women's Day. It's a day to celebrate the strides women have made in everything from politics to economics, also a perfect day to hold a romantic date with your lady!

Although there are series of celebrating ways, every outdoorsy lady prefers an outdoor date, especially in early spring. Are you looking for good date ideas for the outdoorsy lady?  Below you’ll find 5 ways to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Hiking is a wonderful outdoor date idea that’s bound to hike up the fun. If you are looking for a celebrating idea for women's day, don't hesitate, strap on your hiking boots and go on a hike.

Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks: nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Not only funny, but hiking is also a healthy activity. While enjoying the beauty of nature, by hiking you can build strength in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in your hips and lower legs, strengthen your core, improve balance, help control your weight, and boost your mood. And what's more, it can get you and your date to know each other.


Auto-camping is a great way for women's day date. You and your date can get a great camping life with no need to carry gear all on your back; you can sleep in your car, or in your tent that set up next to the place your car can park.

You can hit the roads to visit the most beautiful places but no need to pay the high costs of hotel accommodation as you are already turning your tent into a cozy, convenient, and budget-friendly accommodation. No matter where you go, the drive is a great time to strengthen each other's bond. Don't forget to prepare each other's favorite music.


Not only kids love Picnics, honestly adults too. The arrival of spring and women's day could be the perfect opportunity to organize a picnic with your date. It will be both fun and relaxing.

Choose a local park, a garden, a beach where to go, and pack all you need (picnic blanket, ice bag, food, snack, drinks) for a perfect lunch outdoor. You and your date will have a memorable day, and get to know each other more and more in a comfortable setting.


Spring brings longer days, hotter weather, BBQs, and endless music festivals. If you and your date get to enjoy live music, don't miss these spring music festivals, choose one of the best music fests, and begin preparing your music festival gear, such as chairs, tents.


There are many romantic things you can do outdoors, such as head to the beach (or a peak) watching the sunset together, or taking a peek up at the stars during the night...These quality outdoor moments can improve your relationship effectively.

If you don't have time to hold an outdoor date, you also show your gratitude and love for the women around you by Send flowers, write a card, or give a small gift. Happy Women's Day!