The most wonderful time of the year is coming! Don't squander it! Let's decorate the Christmas tree, put up wreaths, shop for fun & thoughtful gifts for family and friends, make lots of holiday craft projects, and take insanely fun Christmas activities for families...let's turn every day of December into a bona fide winter wonderland.

Where does this series of activities start? From picking out a perfect Christmas tree. Surely you can purchase an artificial Christmas tree from the store, or cutting and setting up a real tree (a great family adventure that kids will love so much!)

If you are planning to get a real Christmas tree this year, you are in the right place. In this post, we will recommend the 3 methods for finding the perfect tree, and the top 5 tips for how to choose and store.

1. Cut your own Christmas tree

You can purchase a permit online to chop down a tree within designated areas of the forest. But you need to quick up or book in advance as this method is very popular may be sold out early.

2. Pick a fresh-cut tree up

Of course, you can pick a fresh-cut tree up from a local farm, or you can wander the fields of the farm, find the perfect tree, and cut the tree with saws provided by the farm. Remember to bring warm gloves and clothing so you can trek through the farm in search of the perfect tree, and it’s better to invite some family members (adult) or friends to help you, as cutting down your own tree does require a bit of physical labour.

3. Choose a pre-cut tree

If you have no time to go to a farm, you can choose a pre-cut tree. In this case, one of the most important things is to make sure your tree is fresh. You can do a pull test for the tree you choose: gently pull on the end of the branch with your thumb and forefinger, fresh trees should hold onto all their needles; if it is not, keep looking.

Here are 5 tips for how to choose, store and install a Christmas tree:

1. Take some measurements

You need to measure the height (the ceiling height subtract the height of your tree stand) and the width and depth of the place as well (consider decorations), then you can figure out how big a tree you can fit in the designated space.

2. Choose the right type

There are a variety of Christmas trees and which is the right one for you? Generally speaking, there are four of the most popular Christmas tree types: Fraser firs, Balsam firs, Scots pines, and white spruces, you can choose one of these popular choices; or you can head to the farm to see the different varieties in person if you’re not sure.

3. Bring the right tools

Call first the chosen farm to take clear of which tools you need to bring. Many tree farms will provide the cutting saw and will help you load your tree onto your vehicle. So maybe all of the things you need to take is remember your measuring size.

4. Keep tree fresh

The fresh-cut trees maybe become not so fresh after some time. so If you get your Christmas tree some days before Christmas and not ready to display it in your house, you can store it in a garage or other unheated space with the cut end in a bucket of water.

5. Setting up your tree in a stand

How to put the tree in a stand and get it to stand straight? You can use a drill stand. As many tree lots, choose-and cut-farms, and retail lots will drill trees with specially-designed drills that match the pin in the stand, ensuring trees stand upright and straight.

It is time to go find the perfect tree for your home.