“Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.”

Glamping is now the hottest travel trend. If you want to know what is glamping and learn more about it, please read out previous blog:


More than an outdoor activity, Glamping is a kind of lifestyle. Spend some time outdoors, with family, friends and pets. Out of the way of city life, surrounded by smell of nature, you will get close to your loved ones and find your soul in the forest.

Henry David Thoreau said: “We can never have enough of nature.” KingCamp is always looking for ways to make your outdoor life more convenient and comfortable. You don’t need to waste time enduring the inconvenience. Just enjoy your outdoor life as convenient as at home.


1. To plan a perfect glamping, you need a really nice tent at first. KingCamp Khan Canvas Bell Tentis a good choice for you. It’s large enough for 8-10 persons. You can invite all your family member or your friends to spend some nice days together.


2. To extend your outdoor living room, you can set a KingCamp Sun Shelter in front of your Khan Bell Tent. Under the Shelter you can stay close to nature while being away from sunburn.




3. Can you image lying on a sofa, when you’re far away from home, in the outdoors? KingCamp is engaging in making outdoor life more comfortable, which is in line with the concept “glamping”. This unique well-designed KingCamp Folding Air Sofa Chairis the best choice for your glamping living system. Put this portable sofa in your car and only 5 minutes are needed to set up your outdoor sofa.


4. Even in summer, it may be a little bit cold at night. Therefore, everyone must have a portable and multifunctional blanket while camping. You can use it as a picnic blanket in the day and to keep warm during the cold night. This KingCamp Outdoor Picnic Blanket has a solid leather strap for carrying. It’s also machine washable for ease of use.


5. No matter where you are, it’s very important to have a good sleep. For glamping, you don’t need a normal sleeping pad. This KingCamp Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad is thick enough for uneven ground. Furthermore, the 3D wavy surface can fit your body curve perfectly. It will help you relieve stress, ease fatigue and restore energy for next day.


6. It is cooler in the outdoors than at home, even in such a hot summer. So, in addition to a  sleeping pad, you also need a comfortable sleeping bag. This KingCamp Oversize 3 Season Sleeping Bagis a good one for you. It’s larger and wider than ordinary sleeping bags. You can turn over in it freely. Another point worth emphasizing is, two single sleeping bags can be zipped to a double one. You don’t need to be separated from your family!




In the outdoor world there are many types of activities, such as fishing, music festival, sport competitions, canoeing, hiking, van camping, auto camping, glamping and other adventures. And you can invite different people to your outdoor activities. For example, you can go camping with family, friends, lovers, couple, your kids or pets. A regular family camping may become lifelong memories. You can choose your own outdoor lifestyle from such a large amount of ideas and enjoy the camping fun.

If you’re planning a outdoor trip, go with KingCamp. KingCamp is dedicated to providing one-stop solution for family outdoor life, inspiring and guiding people to live an unplug life and learn to love outdoors. KingCamp provides thousands of high quality camping gear for you.

Nature is calling, it’s time to live on the road and be unplugged for love and to connect with your loved ones.

Next time we will talk about how to build a kitchen & cooking system for your glamping. Follow us for the latest content.