Summer is a precious time to disconnect from everyday life and head outdoors for a camping trip. No matter you are an experienced camper or a new beginner, you can experience a funny camping life by camping in the lush greenery forest or beach, watch stars around the campfire...

How to search for perfect camping spot

But for the first time campers or those with less camping experience, choosing the perfect camping spot is a big test. How to avoid being that guy that pitched the tent on a wind-swept ledge? How to find beauty, comfort, and safety camping spot?

In this article, we will share some useful tips about campsite choosing, by which you can find a maximize comfort, convenience, and fun camping spot.


When you choose your camping spot, be sure of the spot is big enough for your tent, and can provide extra space for camp chairs, tables, and all your extras. Take note of your neighbors and don’t encroach. If you don’t want to be disturbed by noisy crowds, avoid more popular areas, busy times of the year, and choose those edge locations of the camping area.


There is nothing worse than camping on a slope: your drinks will always slide off the table, and you will roll off the mattress...So whether it is a tent or a camper trailer, you need to choose those spots as flat as possible.


If you want to watch the sunrise, you can set up your tent on the mountain where you will have a better view and get sunshine earlier. You can pitch your tent door toward the east to get more morning light. Planning to sleep until 9 am? You can choose a place in the depths of the lush woods, where the sun will not hit directly, and then set up a tent. A map of the campsite can help you find your ideal location faster.

How to search for perfect camping spot


Never pitch your tent in these dangerous places as:

  • Low-lying places, or dry waterways
  • Within 100 meters of the stream, and below the water level of the river
  • Sandbank in the middle of a river bed or channel
  • Coastal reef, or beach near the sea
  • Upstream and downstream of the waterfall
  • Under cliffs or boulders to prevent loose rubble from falling
  • Under steep or soft slopes, especially during camping in the rainy season, be sure to avoid
  • Under the dead tree
  • In weeds or bushes
  • Under the tallest tree in the forest
  • Near the toilet or trash can
  • Above the tree roots or gravel


  • Good water sources are available nearby
  • The terrain is open and relatively sheltered from the wind
  • Sandy land covered with tender grass
  • There are trees nearby, having a beautiful and quiet environment
  • Easy to arrive

Let’s enjoy the beautiful outdoor life all day! Just as King Camp said: Learn to love outdoors!