If you ask me what's my favorite form of summertime entertaining, I will answer the weekend BBQ without a second hesitation. Every summer we do a lot of outdoor grilling just because to take full advantage of beautiful daytime and warm nights while we can. Nothing says summertime like gathering to eat, drink, and soak up the sun with a group of friends and family.

If you planning to host a relaxing weekend BBQ party for your friends and family, here are some tips that will ensure your party is the most unforgettable shindig of the summer.


Hosting a BBQ is always a fun time, especially with a creative and fun theme. Everyone loves a theme party, so please put picking the BBQ party theme to the important first step, as it will decide your invites, decorations, food, and your guests’ clothing choices.

Here we have some BBQ party theme ideas for reference: traditional country BBQ party, western BBQ party, by the sea party, backyard BBQ dinner party, beer & BBQ tasting party, outdoor movie marathon BBQ, farm to table spread, lawn games party...


Next, we enter the substantial stage of party preparation: decide on a date and location, make a guest list, then send out party invites. You can add elements that match the theme to your invitation to make this party more attractive

Make sure to send out any party invitations you’re planning on sending at least three weeks in advance, to make sure your guests can include it in their schedule.


If you will host a country BBQ this summer, you can put burgers, hot dogs, hot links, chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, and corn on the cob on your menu…A simple cooking menu will not spend your entire time, and you can easily make a new batch when new guests come. Instead of always standing over the grill, you can mingle and enjoy your party with your friends and family.

Do remember to prepare delicious ice cream for kids and soda/beer (filled in the cooler) for adults; make sure you have plenty of ice on hand (about two times more than you think you’ll actually need).


  • Grill (make sure the grill is cleaned and ready before your guests arrive), fuel, cookware, grill table;
  • Marinate meats, bake desserts, assemble side dishes, chop vegetables, etc;
  • Enough tableware;
  • Shelter;
  • Outdoor chair (we like KingCamp’s comfortable outdoors chairs);
  • Picnic blanket with comfy pillows can be spread on the lawn to add a warm touch;
  • Decorations that fit the theme;
  • Design the buffet table for ease of use to make sure your guests feel comfortable and able to get whatever they need.


Studies have shown that engaging in playful activities through adulthood can help lower stress, improve cognitive functions, and build social bonds with others, which is so much more than what your phone can do for you.

So you can make this summer cookouts as the perfect opportunity to play no-skill-needed lawn games and give your guests an unforgettable party.


Playing some laidback and fun songs (you need a 50-100 song playlist) with themes like sunshine and summer nights through the speakers can make your party more summery. A plastic pool also can make kids more enjoy the party. Additionally, plastic swimming pools are highly convenient. Most are easy to set up and come with everything you need.


There are so many cleaning works waiting for you after an unforgettable BBQ party, and in which the grill cleaning is the hardest one, for me.

Here I collect some grill cleaning tips and share them with you: Clean the grill while it’s still hot to easily remove burned bits of food stuck to the grate. Periodically clean the drip pan of a gas grill so accumulated fats don’t ignite; Sprinkle crushed red pepper at the bottom of the grill. They’ll keep pests away when you’re not using it.

Hope these tips and tricks can help you host the best summer BBQ party.