Which is your favorite season? My answer is spring! I love March-early spring. The wind is soft, the leaves start budding on the trees, and flowers are blooming – that’s my favorite part. So are my kids. March not only brings a new, warmer season, it also brings the opportunity of sending kids out to run and play!

It's time to get outside with kids, doing some fun and simple outdoor activities right now! We will share some simple outdoor activities with you which you can do with your kids in spring.


Windy spring is the perfect season to fly a kite. You can prepare a kite for each kid, and hold kite acrobatics to let kids run for a longer time. One trick: Search in advance and pick a wide-open location that has plenty of room promises you will not run into any obstacles.


Small tree, vegetable seeds, or flower seeds...spring is a great time to plant something. You can start this activity with your kids, and they will love it. Your new garden will create natural beauty as long as you care about your plants’ needs (so it's also a good method to teach your kids about responsibility).


The egg hunt is one of the supreme Easter traditions! Kids are looking forward to it. So why not do an egg hunt in advance for kids? You can hide eggs first, and then your kids will run wild through the yard to find as many eggs as they can. You can set a prize for the champion.


Watching nature is a fun and easy way to get your children excited about nature. with your kids, you can try these activities: stargazing, cloud spotting, bird-watching, plant-learning, capture the sounds of the natural world, and more.


After a long winter, hitting the water again is a funny thing. Not to mention you may get a bumper harvest as fish are emerging from their winter habitat. Fishing is an easy activity that even kids can master the skill quickly, and what's more, you can do it nearly anywhere there’s water! That's convenient!


Most kids love it. Besides funny, it also has many benefits for the developing child, including physically, mentally, cognitively, and socially. But we parents should get that tree climbing is a play activity of risky, so we need to support kids as they climb trees.


It's time to take out your hammock and hang it between the trees of your yard. It will be a great place to get a nap, read books, and play. it will be a paradise for your kids to enjoy a warm spring day. If you afraid the weather is not so warm, you can prepare ahead a warm blanket for your kids.


Backyard Camping is such a fun and convenient way to spend an unforgettable night with your kids. You can make your backyard a temporary campsite, set up a tent, start a fire, and enjoy the good outdoors time, no need to load up the car with a huge amount of camping gear, or get into mess because of forgetting to pack a packet of salt - you can head into your house and grab anything you forgot.


Almost all food tastes better outside, especially cooked over an open flame. So holding a grilling outside party for your kids is a great way to celebrate spring's coming and get a memorable family time. Remember to prepare hotdogs, steaks, hamburgers, or veggies that children like very much.


Why we need a bike ride? The benefits are almost as endless as the country lanes. in general, Biking is a great way to get outdoors, almost suitable for all the seasons. And while exploring new areas/trails, can help you create family memories and get in shape.

It's time to go play outside together!  Hope you can get some outdoor fun this month.