Labor Day is coming. It means that summer is at the end and now it’s fall. But it doesn’t mean camping season has to be over. With the hot summer days behind us, camping takes on a new life. Perfect comfortable weather, fresh cool air, charming and colorful scenery, all come together to make fall camping a must-do activity for camp lovers.

But sure, it is cooler than in summer. And the daytime becomes shorter and shorter. So you need to do some extra preparation work to make sure you are ready for a fall camping trip, with the one you love.

In order to enjoy fall camping to its fullest, you must pack smartly. Blow are some must-have fall camping gear that can make your autumnal trip easier and more comfortable.


It becomes more and more cold, you’d better choose a tent that can be used in fall and winter.

This 3-in-1 tent can be completely closed to prevent cold wind from entering. When it’s hot, you can only close the screen mesh for mosquito-proof and ventilation. When it’s fully opened, it can also provide a large sunshade area for you. If you go camping in winter, this tent has side slope roof and two chimney at the top, which are suitable for wooden stoves of various sizes. It’s also equipped with thermal insulation and flame retardant nets to enhance safety.


2. Warm & comfortable sleeping gear

It’s may be cold at night. So your sleeping bag needs to be able to withstand colder temperatures. A camping cot will provide a barrier between you and the cold ground. Don’t forget to bring a  camping lantern for lighting. Extra blanket will be nice in case of rains.


KingCamp 3 Season Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather


Kingcamp Ultralight Folding Camping Cot


KingCamp Battery Camping Lantern

KingCamp Faux Wool Blanket

3. Comfortable & portable camp furniture

For your leisure time while camping, you also need a table for food and drinks. When you have a rest, you also need some comfortable chairs to stretch yourselves. We recommend this round table for all the camping members and a large air sofa to turn camping into glamping. To match the autumn atmosphere, we also recommend a butterfly chair.


KingCamp Round table

KingCamp Inflatable Portable Air Sofa

KingCamp Butterfly Chair

4. Portable cookware and tableware

Delicious food is the highlight of fall camping. Nothing tastier than a barbecue in the maple forest. So be sure to pack a portable “camp kitchen” in your trunk. Also don’t forget to bring a reusable tableware set that is suitable for the colorful autumn.


KingCamp Multifunctional Cooking Table with Lantern Pole

KingCamp Bamboo Dinnerware Set

In the outdoor world, there are many types of activities, such as fishing, music festival, sports competitions, canoeing, hiking, van camping, auto camping, glamping, and other adventures. You can invite different people to join your outdoor activities. For example, you can go camping with family members, friends, lovers, your children or pets. Regular family camping may become lifelong memories. You can choose your own outdoor lifestyle from such a large amount of ideas and enjoy the camping fun.
If you are planning an outdoor trip, go with KingCamp. KingCamp is committed to providing a one-stop solution for family's outdoor life, inspiring and guiding people to live an unplugged life and learn to love outdoors. KingCamp provides you with thousands of high-quality camping gear.
Nature is calling, it's time to live on the road, unplug for love and to connect with your loved ones.